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Our Services are designed, tailored, and focused on your specific needs. This creates a positive client experience which leads to value creation and ensures that every engagement is a success story. Our strengths include: strategy, leadership and sales process development and implementation; Human Resources support, Merger and Acquisition evaluation and integration, and Utilities and Energy Management services and cost analysis.

Strategic and Action Planning

We help you focus your energy on the key choices that influence revenue decision makers, your customers and potential customers; first with a clarity of vision, secondly though facilitating the development of a list of initiatives, and thirdly, through the process of converting initiatives into financials.

Organizational Diagnosis and Team Assessment


We work side-by-side with our clients, engaging the organization to deliver sustainable change. Working together, our engagements develop ownership at an early stage, and deliver solutions that are specific to the company’s strategy. We believe that this collaborative and flexible approach is the best way to make constructive change happen in any organization and, more importantly, the only way to ensure sustainability.


Executive Coaching and Leadership Development


We assess leadership effectiveness and deliver feedback and coaching to maximize individual performance. Mentorship through servant leadership modeling helps team members gain self-awareness, clarify goals, achieve their development objectives and unlock their potential.

Sales Process Analysis and Redesign

Never stop looking for ways to improve your sales cycle process; from prospecting to follow-up. Proper diagnosis, research and data mining are foundational in "fine tuning” a sales and prospect identification process.


Merger & Acquisition Evaluation and Integration

If desiring to grow and/or diversify, M&A is one vehicle for both; and, the evaluation is more than just financial.  An ability to identify culture compatibility and ease of integration is critical to the quick realization of planned benefits.

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