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Who We Are

Sage Brothers Consulting

Sage Brothers Consulting was founded to work with privately held, family owned, and private equity backed companies across multiple fields of service. With over 30 years of experience, our founder, Mark Patterson has served as an Executive VP of a NYSE multinational company, President and Chief Operating Officer of an oilfield service company, Director and Vice President of Operations for a Senior Living with Continuum Care organization, as well as consulting across multiple industries and business sectors.

Sage Brothers’ network of highly accomplished and experienced individuals, serving different industries, with skill and leadership, is the foundation for our efforts in helping companies position, or reposition, themselves for long-term growth and in times of crisis management. We draw on the expertise and advice from experts in all areas of Human Resources, Merger and Acquisition, Utilities and Energy Management, Sales Process, Executive Coaching, Marketing and Data Mining.

We partner with you to refine your strategy and required capabilities, link your operating priorities to your strategy, ensure you have the right people in place, and help create a high-performance culture within your organization.

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Mark Patterson

Founder and Managing Partner

Mark Patterson is the Founder and Managing Partner of Sage Brothers Consulting LLC. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Sage Brothers is a private consulting organization founded to work with privately held, family owned, and private equity backed companies across multiple industries and sectors of business growth.

​Over the course of his career, Mr. Patterson has helped lead, grow and manage numerous companies. As Executive Vice President of Allis-Chalmers Energy, Inc. and President of its Rental Segment, Mr. Patterson assisted in the company’s growth through  international and domestic operational expansion and acquisition, acquiring Allis-Chalmers only manufacturing company. Mark also served on the Board of Directors for a Saudi Arabian expansion and joint venture with Allis-Chalmers, until the merger with Seawell Limited in 2011. Mark started his consulting practice in 2011 and the next year co-founded Aly Energy Services, leading the sales and operational organizations as President and Chief Operating Officer. Mark also worked closely with banking and investors to acquire, merge and expand Aly Energy’s portfolio of companies and service offerings.  Following Aly Energy, Mark joined a Senior Living and Continuum Care company helping to position them for expansion and growth and served on the Board of Directors, for Lee C Moore, a manufacturing and services company serving customers internationally and domestically with engineering and operational support.


Mr. Patterson earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Baylor University and completed graduate work in Finance for Senior Executives at Harvard Business School. Mark's experiences in leadership, organization evaluation, organizational restructuring, and team building, solidified through his core values of Honesty, Integrity and Hard Work, are the foundations for success.

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